Marvin Matías Agüero Torales

Curriculum vitae (publications).

I am a data and computer scientist. I currently work as an applied researcher on text mining and natural language processing (NLP) for the Medigenomics project (Community of Madrid, Spain) at the Centre of Excellence (CoE) - Data Intelligence, of Fujitsu Ltd.

In general I am interested in the efficient exploitation of information contained in unstructured data, mainly in low-resource languages and/or code-mixing. Of course, also text mining and NLP.
I also like data collection and processing, dataset/corpora creation and machine learning (ML) model building.

My dissertation is on ML approaches for topic discovery and sentiment analysis in multilingual/code-mixed opinions and low-resource languages. Where I studied text written in English, Spanish, Guarani and Guarani-Spanish code-switching (called Jopará and sometimes Jehe'a).

My Google Scholar profile and my LinkedIn profile.

See our Guarani (gn) BERT representations (a set of pre-trained BERT models on only ~800K tokens from the wiki) and choose the best one for you ;).

Here I sometimes listen to music.

Also, check out my ResearchGate profile and my code and ML models repositories,
to see examples of my work.

Contact: marvin(hyphen)aguero(at)hotmail(dot)com

I live in charming A Coruña comarca, Spain. I was born in Areguá and grew up in Luque near to Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay (the heart of South America).

"La Santísima Trinidad" Jesuit Guarani Missions reduction,
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